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Our large crown art cut is perfect to use for any crafting project.

It has a beautiful smooth finish on both sides which makes them perfect for decorating with a wide range of craft mediums.  Attach with craft glue.

Pair with our craft acrylics, glitter glues, glitter or mosaic for a beautiful finish.  They also look great left in the natural look.

Measurements: Maximum Height 14cm and width 27cm

Wood used is 3mm MDF.


Shapescapes come flat packed with easy to pop out pieces and are very easy to assemble.

Included with your shapescape comes a 6 pot paint strip and brush.

These 3D kits can be painted and decorated.

Tip don’t paint over the tabs that fit into your base as the mdf swells and it will make it hard to push in.  Don’t stress if you have, you can use a nail file or a small piece of sandpaper to sand the paint off so its easier to stand in the stand.