Pink Tooth Fairy Cushion

Tooth Fairy Cushion Pink


Our gorgeous tooth fairy cushions are handmade and hand painted with so much love for your child!

Make the Tooth Fairy’s job a breeze with these.  Each cushion has a small pocket on the back for the tooth/money.

Included with your tooth fairy cushions comes:

A pack of little “tooth fairy please stop here” notes for your child to sign and leave with their tooth.

A pack of little “Official Certificates” from the tooth fairy to leave behind with the money.

Hang on a door handle or bedside drawer knob.

A range of colours to choose from for boys and girls.  Please note buttons & colours may slightly vary as these are handmade each one is different.

Proudly made by The Craft Company in Zimbabwe.

18 in stock (can be backordered)

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